/ FAQs

What kind of companies do you fund?

We invest in Argentinean-based startups searching for early-stage rounds. They must have sales and operational/marketing metrics.

Which verticals do you invest in?

We invest in startups disrupting agtech, insurtech, fintech, e-commerce, lead generation and media.

Do you consider investing in other verticals?

Not at this time.

How much do you invest in each startup?

We invest USD 50k-250k in cash and we also offer other benefits such as advertising, mentoring, paid-consulting and co-working space.

What do you mean by an “early-stage round”?

It’s a USD 100k-500k round. We do not fund a complete round ourselves (we always co-invest).

Do you consider accelerating startups in other investment rounds?


How much equity do you take?

We take a minority equity stake.

How does the acceleration program work?

We create a tailored program for each startup including hand-picked mentors and top-notch consultants financed by Xpand. We also help developing a media campaign (if needed).

How many cohorts do you have each year?

We don’t have cohorts, we invest on ongoing bases.

When do you close applications?

We don’t close applications, we accept applicants on ongoing bases.

How many locations do you have?

Currently, we are only operating in Buenos Aires, but we anticipate opening offices in Córdoba and Mendoza in the next 12 months.

Do we need to be based in any of these cities to participate?

No, we encourage you to stay at your current location within Argentina as long as this does not represent a threat to the company’s growth.

How do we access the mentoring and consulting program if we are not based in any of these locations?

We will make our best effort to find local mentors and consultants, or we will provide those services through online communication platforms. We will also encourage periodic trips to one or more of our locations.

What happens if our startup is not based in Argentina?

You can only apply if you are willing to relocate or open operations in Argentina.

Which are the documents we need to submit?

Initially, just a 10-slide deck. If you move forward to the next step, you’ll need to submit your market research and your team’s bios.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we provide our own NDA.

Can we apply if we are already funded by another investor?


Can we apply if we are in the process of being funded by another investor?

Yes, we are eager to co-invest with other accelerators, angel investors and VCs.

Will you notify us if we are not accepted?

We will notify any declined applications.

What is your relationship with Diario Clarín?

We are Diario Clarín’s corporate business accelerator.